Executive Sleep Out and Student Sleep Out 2019

Spectrum Staff & Mentor Team

With your help, we are making sure that every young adult in our community has a place to go when they need help most. 

Please help the Spectrum Staff Team reach our goal of $8,000!

  • We are sleeping out in solidarity with youth facing homelessness because:
  • We want to be part of the solution.
  • Everyone deserves a safe place to sleep every night.
  • By sleeping out, we add our voices to the youth that live with homelessness as their reality.
  • We recognize that security and stability is a privilege for young adults in this community, and we want to be a part of changing this injustice.   
  • Spectrum is more than just a place to sleep and get a meal, it's a stepping stone for youth to build their own success.
  • This matters and this can make a difference.
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