Spectrum's Sleep Out 2023 Presented by Vermont Federal Credit Union

Spectrum Staff Team

I love what I do. At Detail Works we have these amazing stories of success from our youth staff and occasionally I have to remind myself of my own story and how Spectrum has helped me grow as a professional, a person, a husband, a father, a community member and so much more.

We work in a place like no other! We are given the keys to success like nowhere else. Regardless of our own backgrounds and those of our clients and coworkers we accept the challenge of strengthening communities and building courageous, strong young adults that share that belief. We are mentors, counselors, friends, neighbors, but first and foremost, we’re people that truly care. What a humbling privilege it is to call that a career.

As I’ve grown with Spectrum I’ve taken on a new understanding of the world around me. When I was asked to be the Sleep Out Staff Team Captain I was like, “Ah, great, I’m gonna be up all night in the cold.” But as time has gone by, I’m realizing this is another opportunity to share with the world that belief in strengthening communities.

While it won’t be the most fun night of our lives, it’ll be a night that we can remember with fondness, when we came together for something we believe in.

This is something you, our donors, already know and understand—the importance of believing in our youth and our communities. Thank you for enabling us to do the work we do each and every day.



(Galen Blodgett is the General Manager of Detail Works, Spectrum’s car detailing business)

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