About Spectrum's Sleep Out 2023 Presented by Vermont Federal Credit Union

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Join us for the Sleep Out on Thursday, March 23! Whether you’re on your own or forming a team, it’s never been easier—or more important—to Sleep Out in solidarity with youth facing homelessness.

  • The Downtown Sleep Out for adults will be on Thursday, March 23
  • The St. Albans Sleep Out for adults will be on Thursday, March 30 at Taylor Park
  • Student Sleep Outs can join us live from their own locations the night of March 23, or pick a different date.

Keep reading for answers to the following FAQs.

Still have questions? Please contact Charlotte Steverson, Event Coordinator, at (802) 864-7423 x330 or events@spectrumvt.org.

What if I can't participate in person (COVID Safety)?

While we are hosting in-person Sleep Outs at the First Unitarian Univeralist Church in downtown Burlington and at Taylor Park in St. Albans, we know some teams and individuals will be sleeping out at their own locations. While our program will not be live streamed this year, we are happy to send Spectrum representatives to your Sleep Out to briefly speak to your group.

At our Burlington Sleep Out, we will be gathering together for our program outside, by the tents. Check-in, restrooms, and snacks/beverages will be inside the church basement as they have been in the past.

If you're sleeping out at your own location and you don't have access to a backyard or other outdoor area, consider finding the coldest or least comfortable spot in your house. Remember to plan for weather and keep yourself and others safe. There's no wrong way to Sleep Out!


Can I Sleep Out on a different date?

Sure! Pick a date that works for you, and let us know so we can keep track of all the Sleep Outs.

What's the fundraising requirement?

Here are our suggested fundraising goals:

Students: $25

Adults/Individuals: $350

Corporate Teams: $2,000 per person

We simply ask for your best effort. If you don't make your goal, we hope you'll still join in the Sleep Out itself and yes, you'll still get a hat!

Remember, the event expenses are so low that almost every single dollar raised goes to funding our programs and services.

Are there any fundraising incentives?

Adult participants will each receive a hat and a mug.

Student participants will each receive a hat; if they raise over $500 they will also receive a mug

Should I Sleep Out as an Individual or as a Team?

ALL participants will need to register as Individuals before joining a Team. Each Individual gets their own fundraising Page.

Teams are best for: families, corporate groups, student clubs/schools/teams, groups of friends. By creating a Team, there will be a separate Team Page in addition to Individual Pages. This means all Indvidual fundraising will be counted towards the Team goal.  You can create separate fundraising goals for Individuals and Teams.

Contact Charlotte for more questions about Individual vs Team fundraising.

How long has Spectrum's Sleep Out been around?

Since 2012, adults and students join the Spectrum Sleep Out in solidarity with homeless young adults in Vermont. Pre-2020, there were about 100 adults that participated in the Burlington Executive Sleep Out. This main Sleep Out was held on the front lawn of the First Universalist Unitarian Church. In the following weeks, over twenty Student Sleep Outs would take place all across the region.

Why am I being asked to choose between the "Spectrum Sleep Out," "St. Albans Sleep Out," and "Student Sleep Out"?

Spectrum Sleep Out: For adults who plan to participate in the downtown Burlington Sleep Out at the top of Church Street, or from their own location. Funds raised go to all of Spectrum's programs and services.

St. Albans Sleep Out: For adults who plan to participate in the St. Alabns Sleep Out at Taylor Park or from their own location. Funds raised through this Sleep Out will go specifically towards our St. Albans programming and services. 

Student Sleep Out: For students or any young person who is participating on their own or as part of a sports team/youth group/scouts/etc.

Why Sleep Out?

The Difference You Make: Well over half of Spectrum’s $7.5 million budget comes through the generosity of people like you. Like most nonprofits, we face a new federal or state funding cut every year—and every year, we are surprised and moved to see how people like you step in to make sure our doors stay open.

Thank you for making sure we are here for the next youth who arrives at our doorstep in need of a hot meal, a roof over their head, or help carving out a future for themselves. To learn more about the programs YOU make possible, check out the "What We Do" section of our website.

Check out some videos from past years to get a glimpse of why the Sleep Out is so important. 


Questions or want to learn more?

Contact Charlotte at csteverson@spectrumvt.org or (802) 864-7423 x330.



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