This page includes a variety of resources to help you fundraise. If you need something you don't see here, please contact Charlotte Steverson at

Social Media Language


There are two options for fundraising on Facebook.

  1. Connect your Facebook account to your personal Sleep Out page. You can do this by signing in at and going to your Participant Center. Click on “Fundraise on Facebook” and follow the prompts to link your pages. This allows any donations made on Facebook to count directly towards your goal on your Sleep Out page.
  2. Don’t connect your Facebook account and use a link to your personal Sleep Out page instead. Create your post on Facebook, but DO NOT add Facebook’s donation button, otherwise the donations will not count towards your goal.
  • I’m sleeping out in solidarity with homeless youth on [date]. Help me ensure our young people never have to sleep in the cold by supporting my Sleep Out: [personal page link]. #SpectrumSleepOut
  • No young person should go without a safe place to sleep at night. You can ensure youth in our community have a safe, warm place to sleep by supporting my Sleep Out: [personal page link]. #SpectrumSleepOut


  • Donate here: [personal page link] to ensure youth have a warm, safe place to sleep every night. #SpectrumSleepOut
  • I’m sleeping outside in the cold On [date] in solidarity with homeless youth. Give at [personal page link]. #SpectrumSleepOut
  • Together we can give homeless youth a safe, warm place to sleep. Make a difference. Donate: [personal page link] #SpectrumSleepOut
  • Selfie/photo of you with your “I’m sleeping out because…” poster. Caption: I’m sleeping out because [fill in your reason]. Donate using the link in my profile to ensure every youth has a warm, safe place to sleep. #SpectrumSleepOut
  • Selfie/photo of you all bundled up and outside. Caption: No young person should have to sleep outside. Help me raise funds for homeless youth by donating to my Sleep Out (link in profile). #SpectrumSleepOut
  • Photo of the wintery landscape through window. Caption: I’m grateful every winter night for my cozy bed. Let’s make sure all youth have a safe, warm place to sleep this year. You can help by donating to the #SpectrumSleepOut at the link in my profile.

Documents, Logos & Images

Document links:

Right click on the images to download them.

Sleep Out Logos: Consider dropping this in your email signature or use as your Facebook banner





"I'm Sleeping Out!" Square Logo: Consider using as your profile picture or as a new post.

I'm Sleeping Out


"I'm Sleeping Out Because... " Poster

Share why you’re sleeping out on social media using this poster. Directions:

1. Print the poster. Download here.

2. Write a brief reason why you’ve chosen to sleep out.

3. Take a picture or short video of you with your sign.

4. Share your picture with your Sleep Out poster on social media.

5. Send Charlotte ( any photos or videos you’re willing to have us share, too!

Fundraising Tips

Below find fundraising tips and a sample email to ask friends and family to support your Sleep Out.

1. Make it emotional. Share on social media, over email, and in conversations why you are sleeping out and think it’s important to support homeless youth.

2. Make it personal. Send personalized emails to friends and family asking them to donate to your Sleep Out.

3. Make it visible. Ask for those who can’t donate to share your fundraising page on social media. Share why you’re sleeping out and what you’re doing to get ready to sleep outside. 

Sample Email:

Dear Friends and Family,

On [date] I'm sleeping outside overnight in solidarity with at-risk and homeless teenagers and young adults as part of Spectrum's Sleep Out.

The Sleep Out raises funds for homeless youth in Vermont. The money we raise funds the services struggling youth need to turn their lives around.

I’m sleeping out because I want all youth to know that someone’s here to help. I’m sleeping out because I believe all teenagers and young adults deserve to have someone to lend a hand when the going gets tough.

You can help! Please donate to my sleep out by visiting my personal page at [insert link to your personal page]. The money you give goes directly to helping youth in Vermont.

Together, we can make sure every young person has a safe place to call home.

Thank you!

[your name]